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UNOFFICIAL UNTIL APPROVED BY INDIO WATER AUTHORITY/CITY COUNCIL <br />CITY OF INDIO <br />SPECIAL JOINT MEETING <br />INDIO WATER AUTHORITY/CITY COUNCIL <br />OCTOBER 19, 2016 <br />MINUTES <br />President/Mayor Glenn Miller called to order the Special Joint Study Session of the <br />Indio Water Authority/City Council meeting at 3:05 p.m. at 45222 North Towne Street, <br />Indio, California. <br />ROLL CALL: PRESENT: President/Mayor Glenn Miller <br />Vice President/Mayor Pro Tem Elaine Holmes <br />Commissioner/Councilmember Michael H. Wilson <br />Comm issioner/Councilmember Troy Strange <br />Comm issioner/Councilmember Lupe Ramos Watson <br />1:01:11[OK0Z6]LT, I Ly, I=1 1!11MZ,[QhilI= <br />1. CONSENT CALENDAR <br />a. September 7, 2016 Minutes <br />b. Warrants Receive/File <br />c. Ratify the emergency purchase order to Legend Pump & Well Service in the amount <br />of $31,926 for the emergency repair of Well 4C <br />d. Approve Amendment No. 1 to the existing professional services agreement with <br />MWH for as needed professional engineering services for the design of non -potable <br />and recycled water systems <br />e. Approval of the improvement agreement and bonds from Polo Estates Ventures, <br />LLC for Trilogy at the Polo Club (Tract No. 37100-1) located on the northwest corner <br />of Jackson Street and Avenue 52 <br />It was moved by Commissioner/Councilmember Strange, seconded by Commissioner/ <br />Councilmember Wilson and unanimously carried by roll call vote, to ADOPT the <br />Consent Calendar a submitted. <br />2. GENERAL MANAGER'S REPORT <br />Brian Macy, General Manager, reported on Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP); <br />Prop 84 drought grants; Water Conservation; and Consolidation. <br />3. COUNCIL/COMMISSIONER COMMENTS AND/OR QUESTIONS - NONE <br />ADJOURN <br />There being no further business to discuss, the meeting ADJOURNED at 3:30 p.m. <br />