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CITY OF INDIO <br />CITY OF <br />INDIO <br />MISSION STATEMENT <br />THE CITY OF INDIO'S PUBLIC SERVANTS PROVIDE OUTSTANDING <br />MUNICIPAL SERVICES TO ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR OUR <br />RESIDENTS, VISITORS AND THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY <br />AGENDA <br />Special Joint Meeting <br />City of Indio <br />Indio Water Authority/City Council <br />November 2, 2016 <br />2:00 p.m. <br />45222 North Towne Street, Indio, California 92201 <br />Call to Order and ROLL CALL: President/Mayor Glenn Miller <br />Vice President/Mayor Pro Tem Elaine Holmes <br />Comm issioner/Councilmember Michael H. Wilson <br />Comm issioner/Councilmember Troy Strange <br />Comm issioner/Councilmember Lupe Ramos Watson <br />PUBLIC COMMENT This is the time set aside for public comment on any matter not appearing on the agenda. If you <br />wish to speak, please complete a "request to speak" form and limit your comments to three minutes (forms are located in the lobby <br />of the Emergency Operations Center). Please watch the timing device on the podium. <br />1. CONSENT CALENDAR: <br />a. October 19, 2016 Minutes Recommendation: Approve <br />b. Warrants Recommendation: Receive/File <br />c. Hire an IWA Water Programs Specialist through an exchange of a <br />vacant IWA Water Programs Coordinator position Recommendation: <br />Approve <br />d. Authorization to backfill a vacant IWA IT Support Technician position <br />Recommendation: Approve <br />e. Approve Amendment No. 1 to the Memorandum of Understanding for <br />the Disadvantaged Community Plumbing Retrofit Program between City <br />of Indio/Indio Water Authority, Pueblo Unido Community Development <br />Corporation, and Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability to <br />increase the escrow account from $50,000 to $100,000 <br />Recommendation: Approve <br />